Thursday, January 11, 2007

Class of 2006: Real Quotes from Real Students by Various Artists
God help us...

Sean McGurr, of Jury Rigged Comics, collected some quotes from high school student essays. To accompany the quotes, McGurr enlisted his pals from PANEL/Ferret Press to provide artistically rendered headshots of the students. To top it off, McGurr places snarky quotes at the top of each page.

The finished product looks like this.
And this.
Honestly, I had a difficult time choosing which pages to show here. The student that rambled on about the type of woman Teddy Roosevelt was proved kind of hard to resist.

The student quotes are awkwardly funny, but when you combine them with the headlines and the headshots, each page is solid. The contributors in this volume are Andy Bennett, Steve Black, Tony Goins, Matt Kish, Tim McClurg, Sean McGurr, and Tom Williams.

Class of 2006: Real Quotes from Real Students is the third volume in a series. Sean has more books planned in the series, so if you are an artist that is interested in contributing a headshot for a future volume, you can get the info at Jury Rigged Comics.

Class of 2006 is $1.50 and available at the Jury Rigged website. Look for a review of PANEL: Travel on Monday.

I also wanted to share a couple of links with SIZE MATTERS readers.
Neither are specifically mini-comics, but BrainNo Blog and Canicola have some cool art stuff. Check them both out.

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Dane said...

Thanks for sharing the links. It's always a nice change of pace to come across non-American weird cartoony art. Have you seen these?