Monday, December 18, 2006

Your Puffy Ships Are Sinking by Terry Corrigan and Garrett Van Winkle

In Your Puffy Ships Are Sinking, Terry Corrigan and Garrett Van Winkle take turns drawing panels. An unnamed flying creature accosts a sleeping man, toys with him without waking him, and then leaves the man transformed. The two meet again a couple of pages later, exchange shouted words, and suddenly the flying creature, seeing someone else falling from the sky, departs.

I’ve just described most of Puffy Ships, but the three central figures stumble across more adventure. At the bottom of each page, an upside down comic traipses across the page. I read the whole thing as two distinct comics. I’m not sure that it’s correct, but this is what I did: after reading the main story, I flipped the book upside down and, starting from the last page, read the substory backwards. The substory captures the movement and rhythm of one of those flipbooks that you flip the pages quickly to emulate movement.

In Your Puffy Ships, it’s hard to discern Corrigan and Van Winkle as distinct artists. They both have a spare line that gives the work a feathery, airy quality. The pages feel light and some of the panels feel like they could float away. This is not a style that everyone loves, but I think it holds a certain charm.

No webpage that I could find to order the comic, but you can email Corrigan at or Garrett at

Garrett has a webpage.


Anonymous said...

Love VanWinkle's style, saw his work at the Graffiti Gallery in Winnipeg and became an instant fan.

Pony of Prey said...
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Pony of Prey said...

Garrett VanWinkle is not only a dreamboat but a right down journeyman and scholar of the arts. Puffy Ships is a definite have!!!