Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Okay, I love this - Self Comics
Got an email from Luca Genovese, who wanted to point out his mini-comics website Self Comics.

We are translating, slowly but surely, all our catalouge but now there are just some. We produce 8 page stories that can be read, downloaded and printed for free. The PDF files of each story are ready to be printed out, folded and stapled, so you can physically have our minicomics, if you want to.

This a fantastic idea and they have several gorgeous minis that you can read online or print and savor. They are also in the process of translating more stories. So, bookmark them and check back often.

Here's a few pages to give you an idea.
Gloria by Luca Vanzella and Luca Genovese. Translated by Elisabetta Favalessa.

Persistance And Elegance by Paolo Parisi and translated by Alberto Corradi.

Tonight I’m Gonna Dream You Have Always Loved Me by Luca Vanzella and Lucia Biagi. Translated by Alexandra Uzunova.

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