Sunday, March 02, 2008

Two Mini-Comics from Katie SkellyThe Legend of Countess Saddenbrau, perhaps the most aptly named mini of last year, and Nurse Nurse from Katie Skelly are fun mini-comics. Countess Saddenbrau pokes fun at the gothier than goth sect in a gentle manner. Countess Saddenbrau and Duke Crestfallen, both very happy wallowing in their own solitude, stumble upon each other and find that they must act upon their feelings for each other. But would they be happy together when both so enjoy their time alone? Hmmm, probably not.

Katie's art for the The Legend of Countess Saddenbrau perfectly matches the setting and action of her tale. She uses crayon reproduced on a xerox machine to lend it that darker than thou look.

Nurse Nurse has a lighter feel and a more expansive topic. In the year 3030, three cosmic nurses travel to Venus, home of the hippest intergalactic band, the Quality Confections. Nurse Gemma, the star of the mini, is tricked by her two friends and ends up arriving late on Venus. Then Gemma is assigned to the case of a butterfly farmer where things end up on the sinister side as the mini closes. This is one of those endings where you immediately want to know what happens next. Nurse Nurse feels kind of manga influenced, though not in art so much as in content.
Both minis are $3 from Katie's Etsy shop. I'm not sure when Nurse Nurse #2 is coming out, but she needs to get on that. In the meantime, you can check out some of Katie's comics online at her website.


spleenal said...

thanks for finding Katie Skelly for me
love the two different styles

and the free strips on her site

Pat Lewis said...

Awesome! Katie is great.

Marek Bennett said...

Yes, Nurse Nurse is great... I picked it up from Katie at SPX last Fall.

It's the perfect combination of cutesy and candy and creepy, with a sort of Scooby-Doo Mystery-Machine-Gang feel to it.

Katie said...

thanks so much for the write-up!