Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wormdye by Eamon Espey Here's another Secret Acres book collecting mini-comics. This arrived with a little rubber rat bound up across the cover with yarn. Unfortunately, Chloe the Dog took quite a liking to the rat and I'm sad to say that the rat did not survive. The book made it out okay though...

Eamon is a dark bastard. I was a little bummed when it started with two brats putting a cat in a microwave, but the resulting twist that lands their sister in trouble was enough to make me realize that nothing is sacred in Eamon's world. The Pope has quite an appearance later in the story.
You find a constant theme of struggle and an almost exhausting feeling of surviving an adventure. There's really no one to root for; the kids Marco and Tommy are complete bastards and the other characters just manage to muddle through events. Midway through the book, he unleashes some full page drawings of bizarre creatures locked in some form of struggle.
Eamon's art is intricate and at times entrancing. You get the feeling that he's really getting into a groove working on these pages. You can tell that he enjoys the use of patterns and how the repeated imagery lends to the overall effect of the page. You can pick up a copy of Wormdye at the Secret Acres store. It's $13 for 128 densely packed pages of mayhem and oddities. If you happen to live in the Chicago area, I think you can still find copies of the mini-comics at Chicago Comics. I had picked up a couple issues there in the past and recall still seeing issues in the mini-comic racks.


bov said...

Brilliant review.

A veritable trove of comics here.
I love it, off to scour your archives.

Anonymous said...

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