Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Soft Anchor by David Ferraro

Ferraro’s art in Soft Anchor looks a little awkward, but his mini-comic is sincere and endearing. In this first issue of Ferraro’s mini-comic he’s 7 years old. The things that happen are things that loom large in the life of a boy that age: a best friend moves away unexpectedly, his father punishes him harshly, he plays doctor, and he tells inexplicable lies that make him feel guilty.

This is standard kid issues filtered through the eyes of an adult who suffered abuse as a child. It’s honest work with content real enough to rise above any shortcomings in the art. Ferraro needs to work on the stiffness of his figures, especially the necks, shoulders, and arms of his characters. The hands don’t look right either, but that kind of stuff will come with more time spent drawing. His storytelling is solid though, as are the layouts. This is a mini-comic that I enjoyed, and you can’t always say that. I even came to appreciate the wide-eyed looks of his characters; they’re kids after all.

And I really, really like this drawing of his family’s stereo. It’s my second favorite drawing of a stereo after Allison Cole’s stereo, sans power cord, in Neverending Summer.
Soft Anchor is a good first effort that I hope Ferraro continues.

You can get a copy from Quimby’s for $3. Ferraro has a blog where you could probably contact him if you have any questions about Soft Anchor. Here's David's email address as well.

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~ Dave said...

Thanks for the review, Shawn! I'm glad you enjoyed it. My e-mail is if anyone wants any additional info.