Thursday, March 30, 2006

Source by Nora Lally-Graves

Lally-Graves ably illustrates her battle with fear in putting pen to paper in Source. I’m not sure if Source is her first work, but she’s already developed a unique way of capturing these feelings that we all have at some time in our lives. Sure you’ll find obvious visual metaphors and signals, but also some solid imaginative leaps from idea to paper.

She uses chunky swaths of black ink and repetitive patterning of diagonal lines to add texture and mood. Her style is difficult to pin down here, as she mixes more abstract strokes with a more straightforward approach. You can see samples of both below.
Source is a spare narrative illustrated mostly with single full-page panels, though she occasionally breaks out of that pattern. Over the course of 24 pages, Lally-Graves identifies her fear, faces it, and then buries it. It’s an uplifting mini, but not in that “Chicken Soup for the Mini-Comic Artist” way.

Source is $2 and you can get your own copy by emailing Nora at

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