Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Something besides my face
My scanner is ailing so I haven't posted any reviews since I got back from vacation. But I can't stand looking at that picture anymore, so how bout some mini-comics links?
Jaime Tanner's "Robochrist."
This seems like a good excuse to link to Jaime Tanner's blog.

The Bodega Shop has some good looking minis in stock.

On the Partyka website I noticed the latest Paping looks damn fine. Check out the four page preview.

Check out the pretty colors. Onsmith's Triptych of the Primary Colors as Cartoon Characters.

Another one of those how to make a mini-comic tutorials. This one is by Gerry Alanguilan. Thanks to Aaron Dumin for pointing this out.

And finally, an online Leif Goldberg Wildlife Refuge. Because I love you all. This comic always helps me get the funk out of a rainy morning.

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