Thursday, September 07, 2006

Return to Regularly Scheduled Program

Sorry for the huge delay in posting. Adjusting to a new job and then moving really put a dent in my comics related activities. The good news is that the new job is fantastic, and I've figured out how to better manage my time. Other good news is that Kate and I are officially moved in to our new condo downtown. Between cleaning the old place, packing, painting the new place, moving, and then assembling IKEA furniture every night until 1am, we had no time left for anything else.

It's worth it though and kind of weird, because Kate and I both feel like we're now officially married. This is our first home purchase after renting for too many years, and it just feels so right. Our place is in the Mass. Ave Art District, so we're surrounded by art galleries and cool restaurants and bars. We finally feel like we fit in our neighborhood. I still hate all of you that can afford to live on the coast, but this amazing new space makes up for it a little bit.
I've assembled a stack of mini-comics that are waiting to be reviewed. If you're out there waiting for a review, I double dog swear I will get to it soon. My address for reviews has obviously changed. A few people already have the new address, but if you don't and you need to send something, email me at


aaron dumin said...

Nice looking place, Shawn. Congrats on the move. Send me your new address when you get a chance.

Dembicki said...

Cool! I have a hip place to stay when I hit I'polis! ;)

sweepthelegjohnny said...

Congrats, Shawn. When my apartment grows up, it wishes to be your condo. Can't wait to read the new reviews. You have been missed...

Sorry, but I hope your Colts suck :)

Product of the '80s mini-comic

Von Allan said...

Ack! You know, I should have double-checked if you had moved. I just mailed you a press kit that's going to show up to your old address. Don't suppose you did a "mail forwarder" thingy with the post office? :)

Hope you're well!