Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rocket Science Anthology by Various Artists
Eight artists contributed to this anthology comic. The common thread holding each story together is that each artist has to begin with the last image featured in the previous artist’s story.

The first story begins with a musical note and ends with a hacksaw. The second story then begins with the hacksaw and ends with a coat hanger. The third story begins with the coat hanger… You get the picture.

A few of the artists have more than one story in the anthology. I think Ralph Kidson’s work stood out the most. It seemed rushed, but highly energetic. It’s a little difficult to tag each artist’s work by using the key on the inside back cover, but I think I have most of them figured out. This is Kidson’s birds arguing right before something terrible happens.
Richard Cowdry takes a new look at a Popeye type character. The raucous sailor gets his bar mates drunk and introduces one sodden soul to his, ahem… Bluto. Rocket Science is labeled as an “adult anthology.”

Tilly Aviram has a very brief two-page alien tale using a simple style that skips backgrounds and details, but delivers maximum story.

As anthologies go, this one is about average. It’s nothing earthshaking, but nothing bores you to tears either. Rocket Science is nicely packaged with an excellent cover that manages to evoke old sci-fi monster comics on the front, and feature a short doodle by each artist on the back. Gavin Burrows, Richard Cowdry, Ralph Kidson, Sam Chivers, Craig Burston, Toby Parsons, Tilly Aviram, and Peter Poole contributed to this comic.
Rocket Science is 40-pages and available by emailing Gavin Burrows at It’s listed at 2 pounds, so that’s like $3 American. Email Gavin (Mr. All Flee) to get some details.

Also ask him about the intriguing pub-fueled follow up possibly titled Piss-up in a Brewery.

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