Monday, January 08, 2007

Math Issue 14 by David Wien I reviewed issues 12 and 13 of Math in July of 2005. Those issues were a visual feast masquerading as a comic. Not much has changed this time out except for the physical size of Wien's playground. Math number 14's 20 oversized pages are playful, even lyrical, picture making. You'll find a story in these pages, but the images are the thing.

These could be the best waves ever drawn in a comic.
Don't believe me? Check out the way the waves crash onto the rocks on this page.

On the next page, the boat steers its way into a narrow channel; the wild sea becomes a calming ribbon of a stream.

Math has two centerfold images. The true centerfold is a stunner. Trees, grass, and bushes vibrate and bristle, and as you look closer at the foreground, a large, dark cat steps quietly.

Math is engaging art. Each page holds one image, and each image holds a world of possibility. The colorful cover is handprinted, and this $6 edition is limited to 820 copies. Talk to the good folks at Chicago Comics or Quimby's to get your copy.


gudipudi said...

good work david .....keep it up


D_W_ said...

There are some nice collaborative pictures made by David Wien and Mark Gonzales in the latest isuue of 'The Jounral' (entry 17). There is a lot of great stuff in there actually, worth lookin'...