Sunday, February 04, 2007



Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and the Colts, Shawn. As a San Diegan and a Chargers fan, it would be easy to say it should have been the Bolts year, but I guess the Colts have been saying that most of the decade, so...

Well deserved, Colt's Nation! Keep that title warm for the San Diego Super Chargers next year.

Shawn, you and Size Matters rule. Thanks to you and James Sime (of Isotope fame),I'm exhibiting for the first time at Austin's Staple! Thanks for the positive words.

Product of the '80s:
Teenage Confessions from the Reagan Era

Shawn Hoke said...

Hey Dana-

I thought about you during the Chargers/Pats game. I think the Colts were lucky to not have to travel to San Diego this year.

I hope you're looking forward to next year. The Chargers will be in the mix again. You guys are young and talented.

And have fun at Staple. I've never been, but have heard that it's great!


grant said...

Is "Buttface Ale" an Indy thing? I've never seen it here.
Congrats to the Colts even though I live in Illinois. It was nice to see to midwestern teams in the Super Bowl