Thursday, February 01, 2007

Picture Box at Rocketship

This is one of those times that I hate living in the Midwest. Or as Tom would say: "If I Were In NYC, I'd Go To This."

If you're on the East Coast, don't miss this event. On February the 24th, the Picture Box gang will be at Rocketship (208 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York 1-718-797-1348).

Paper Rad will have a new book. Matthew Thurber, one of the nicest and most talented new dudes in comics, will have a new book. And issue #3 of Cold Heat will be available.

Mmmmm, page 1 of Cold Heat #1.

Anyway thanks to pal Ed Cunard for pointing this out. I urge you to go to this if you're close. Picture Box puts out some amazing stuff. Their Chippendale Ninja book has mesmerized countless guests over the past month at the SIZE MATTERS offices.

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Anthony Woodward said...

Love your blog, so good to see all these little gems ;)