Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hot Town and Getting There by Robyn Jordan In Hot Town and Getting There, Robyn Jordan displays two different art styles. Hot Town, subtitled "One More Summer in Sticky NYC," is looser and more quickly rendered than Getting There. Robyn's lines are thicker and darker; she uses very little shading or texturing and spends less time worrying about backgrounds. The stories are little vignettes of live in NYC - showing realtives around, puttering in her community garden, checking out nude beaches.
The 20-page Hot Town is wrapped in a saddle stitched, bright orange cover with the title screen-printed over an overheated, bikini-clad girl, clutching a yard glass full of something tropical.

Getting There features longer stories (two stories sandwiching a one-pager) and a much tighter style of art. Here, Robyn meticulously graces the panels with detailed shading and crosshatching. The backgrounds are more significant, lending depth to the pages. Story one details the characters you see commuing on the subway and story two depicts Robyn's jury duty experience.
Here's a bonus greeting card that Robyn sent in: The inside says, "Hey, thanks for everything."

Find more details at her website, including this page with many images. Looks like you can find Robyn's comics at Desert Island. Contact her at

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