Friday, May 22, 2009

Mini-comics by Gwenaelle
Gwenaelle creates gorgeous penciled minis that both teach and delight. Gwenaelle’s Little Book of Recipes Illustrated Volumes I and II cover “Chicken Marinated in Beer” and “Mavis K. BBQ Steak Houston Style” respectively. Each 16-page issue features ingredient lists and step-by-step instructions accompanied by pencil drawings. “Chicken Marinated in Beer” adds two pages each for setting the table and beverage selections. These would be great for Gourmet or Food and Wine readers. Inventez Des Nouvelles Positions Sexuelles (Invent New Sexual Positions) is a 16-page exercise in capturing ideas about sex and ignoring "your inner cop or censure" when you consider the sexual act. This mini, like the others, is lovingly crafted inside and out. The inside cover folds out and looks like this:
Gwenaelle's mini-comic page has more pictures, like a lot more pictures, to give you an idea of how interesting these little books are. Just click on a title and away you go! She doesn't have any prices listed, but I'm sure if you email her at, you can get the scoop on prices. She does have an Etsy shop where you can purchase minis. If you re in the Los Angeles area, you can purchase the minis at Skylight Books, The Secret Headquarters, or Meltdown Comics.

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