Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hiatus and Contest
I'm sure this will come as no surprise as I haven't updated here since late June, but I'm going to take extended time away from posting reviews on SIZE MATTERS.

Between work, exploring the city, and spending quality time with Kate, my life is embarrassingly full right now. Last year was one of those years, and I've been seriously re-evaluating things and what's important to me. I'm working on my own comic and spending a lot of time reading books and writing.

I will keep SIZE MATTERS up as a resource. Maybe I'll revisit reviewing when winter hits and I'm not out running the streets. In the meantime, I'll probably post pages of my own stuff here when I feel like sharing.

For all of you who are waiting on reviews, I'm sorry if I haven't got to your work. Luckily, there's a bunch of other reviewers who are much more dedicated to showing your stuff to the world. I started SIZE MATTERS on July 20th, 2005 when I noticed there wasn't sufficient coverage of minis. I'm so happy that has changed.

For now, it's time to move on. I've got too many other things rattling around in my head to concentrate. I'll see most of you around. I'll keep abreast of what people are doing on Facebook and I'll still check out local shows and events.

I'd like to thank everyone who has read the blog over the years. Thank you, thank you. I'm really glad I was able to share some of these amazing mini-comics with you. And thank you to everyone who sent in minis for review. I've always been impressed with the creativity and energy that I've discovered in your work. You guys and gals are awesome.

Before I turn out the lights, here's a very quick look at some interesting stuff that I was hoping to review before I shut down. Please visit the links provided to find out more.

City Under Sand and Casual Sex by David Beyer Nine Gallons by Susie Cagle Big Un Visits the City by Brian Leonard Nurse Nurse 3 and 4 by Katie Skelley Candy or Medicine Volume Six by Josh Blair, et al Here's Blobby by Patrick Morgan Sunward by Jason Viola The Moth or the Flame by Joshua Ray Stephens This is a gorgeous hardcover book. Sam and Dan by Jeff Lok Exploding Head Man by Jason Overby Look at this beautiful envelope from Jason. I'm gonna miss that kind of shit. And one last thing - I have a huge box of mini-comics sitting in a sub 500 square foot apartment. I need to get rid of these beautiful little things. So, if you want a big box full of mini-comics (probably about 100 minis I would guess), drop me an email titled "I want that box of mini-comics!"

I'll have Kate pick a random number between 1 and the number of emails received between now and August 31st. The corresponding email response that matches the random number will win the comics and I'll ship them out to you.

I'll see you around.


iguanaDitty said...

While I wish you all the best with your other pursuits, I'll miss your updates and terrific reviews.
What other sites would you recommend for good looks at minis? Maybe I just haven't looked in the right places...

Rick Bradford said...

Enjoy life, Shawn! And thanks for all your posts over the years. Size Matters is going to be missed but I can certainly relate to where you're coming from. Thanks again for all the hard work.

Oliver East said...

this is one of, if not the first, blogs i sent some of my first self-published efforts

Shawn Nyland-Hoke said...


Here are a few sites, I would visit on a regular basis for minis reviews:

Rick Bradford’s Poopsheet

Shannon Smith

Whitey at Optical Sloth

Rob Clough reviews minis too

Rick, thank you. This is kind of bittersweet.

And Oliver, I remember that. That's what I LOVED about doing this blog. When people let me know that they had a sales bump from the reviews, I would really get psyched. :)

John Platt said...

Sorry I missed out on getting my own work reviewed here, but hey, a good life is worth living!

Thanks for the links! They'll be mighty helpful.

Shannon Smith said...

Ditto all the well wishing. Good luck and don't be a stranger to minicomicvilletownsburgistan. I won't compete for any minis since I still have not gone through all the stuff in the box you sent me way back when. Thanks Shawn!

Nat said...

I was wondering what happened. I started my own minicomic review blog about a month or two ago, and I've had some of the same problems keeping it going (i.e. life intrudes, having to do work that makes money to pay bills, etc.).

Oh, and I would love to give that box of minis a home if you pick my e-mail!

afdumin said...

Jeez, it seems like only yesterday I started reading you on the Broken Frontier site, following you on to Comics World News, and again over to Size Matters. You've made a nomad of me, Shawn, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I wish both you and Kate the best, and will gladly pick up stakes and follow you on any future endeavors. Thanks for everything. Enjoy the rest.

Kate and Chloe said...

You know I have mixed feelings about your hiatus!

On the one hand, I won't miss the constant guilty refrain: "I really need to do a post; it's been a while," I'll enjoy the space this frees up and the clutter it will cut down on, and I'll benefit from having a happy husband following new pursuits. Oh yeah, I'll get to spend more time with you, too!

On the other hand, I've enjoyed watching (and occasionally helping) you become an accomplished writer who excels at comma placement. I'll miss the commentary you provide when examining your site meter ("someone found my blog by googling 'does size matter to a woman?'!"). And I was occasionally delighted by some of the minis you encouragingly passed along to me.

I'm proud of this little blog and of you! Love Kate