Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Glaring Omission

Last night while I was sleeping, or maybe as I was watching my beloved Colts cruise to 11--0, I got an email from James Sime who pointed out a glaring omission in my side bar. Look over there to the right under “Mini-Comic Friendly Shows.” Go ahead and check off the list and see if there’s something missing. MoCCA, check. SPX, check. STAPLE, check.

Hmmm, isn’t there something missing, perhaps a little show from the West Coast called APE (Alternative Press Expo). I’ll let James explain:

“Personally, I think it's a great convention... lots of minis, zines, and indy books to be found everywhere. The energy level is always awesome, and it sure looks like San Francisco residents like to drop some good coin on the minis at the con (I know they do in my shop). I'm a sucker for APE's really nice location in the heart of SF with plush carpet and some friendly barstaff who actually encourage you to take your Sapphire and Tonic with you as you roam the convention floor. But y'know, that's their job so I guess I'm not surprised on that count. And shit, the con is held in San Francisco, the home of "comix" and headshops and all that jazz, so it's got some history too. And I like to think I throw a pretty smokin' party every year around APE time and do my little part to celebrate the artform and those who love it (and I happen to also give out an award to mini-comic creators, cos well, I think they deserve more love than they usually get for all that hard work) so that's pretty cool too... but y'know, it's my party so of course I'd think it was good. Your mileage may vary.”

I’m sold. As a matter of fact, I’ve always wanted to check out APE, but I’m usually not financially equipped for a west coast trip at that time of year. BUT, I know I’ll make it out there eventually. And when I do, you can bet I’ll be stopping by The Isotope to give props to James and his devotion to mini-comics. See, what I do is pretty easy. I slap up some images and talk about mini-comics here on the blog. I do it in my spare time. Now James, he lives and breathes comics, especially mini-comics. He’s like a rabid dog, but instead of biting your leg, he’s shoving mini-comics down your pants as you leave the store.

He’s got his own award that he gives for mini-comics, and he hands The Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics out to awesome mini-comic creators like Rob Osborne and Josh Cotter. So, instead of quietly sneaking into the template and adding the link to APE while no one was looking, I thought I’d give a shout out to James and say thanks for bringing such a glaring oversight to my attention. Go check out the Isotope, and definitely check out Rob Osborne’s 1000 Steps to World Domination and Josh Cotter’s Skyscrapers of the Midwest. It’s no accident that both creators landed deals with publishers after winning the Isotope Award.


Joseph said...

That's awesome, Shawn. I think James is doing a fantastic job by bringing recognition to mini creators, at the same time, validating mini-comics as a genuine art form. I'm going to submit my mini to the Isotopes. And I'll be going to APE for the first time in '06.

Dara Naraghi said...

Shawn, you should also add SNAP! to the list. I attended its inaugural show this year in Dearborn, Michigan. For such a small show, it's amazing how much of a dedicated fan base it drew. I had my single best sales day of any show there. Big kudos to Green Brain Comics owners Dan and Katie Merrit for organizing this latest entry into the indy comix scene.

Shawn Hoke said...

Joseph - James does do a fantastic job promoting mini-comics. And he's got the store space to back it up too.

Dara - I was wondering about SNAP, but was kind of waiting on some feedback from people who went. I've heard great things about Green Brain Comics, so I shouldn't be surprised. Consider SNAP! added. Thanks!