Monday, November 21, 2005

Kevin Analog by Benjamin Birdie

Kevin Analog is a sixteen page black and white mini-comic from Benjamin Birdie. Analog is about a struggling caped crusader who uses the power of analog mix tapes to fight crime. It's weird though, because like us, Kevin lives in a digital world. In one scene, Kevin endures the teasing of his coworkers, and as he looks around for an analog device (presumably to use as weapon), he only sees digital.

Still, Kevin seems to be an effective crime fighter - that is when he isn’t being yelled at by his fiancĂ© for using her mix tape in a street battle.

Kevin: “I’m running out of good transitions and I knew there was a good one on that mix. You obviously read that much. How effective it was.”

Agnes: “Yeah I caught that. No shit. It was a fucking awesome transition. I know. I made it.”

The argument with Agnes and his struggle to come up with a new mix tape is the highlight of a very quick read. Birdie has a good idea here, but I’d like to see more take place on the page. The story is over before you know it, thought some of that might come from the way the art works. Birdie uses a very thin line to create both his characters and the very sparse background. He doesn’t use shading or heavy spot blacks, except for one night scene at the end of the book. This gives the book a very spare look and feel.

Kevin Anaolg is two dollars and you can check out Benjamin Birdie's website for Kevin and other online comics. Heck if you look around, you can find all of Kevin Analog there.


Joseph said...

Cool cover. I like the simple lines-- gives it a delicate feel. Although I haven't read it so I don't know if this is what his intention was. The backgrounds need to be more defined in order to give a greater sense of place. Also, I would suggest he use heavy blacks to contrast the vast whiteness. The images would pop more. I like his character designs. Interesting comic.

Kevin Church said...

I really dig what he's doing.

And not just because I legally changed my name to Kevin Analog

Shawn Hoke said...

Joseph- I usually respond better to more filled out work too, but Benjamin's stuff works when you match it up with the story. I think of Kevin as a slacker hero and the slight art kind of jives with that.

Kevin - If any Kevin should be named Kevin Analog, it ashould definitely be you. Kevin Digital just doesn't have that same kick.