Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day
I review a lot of mini-comics on this blog, and I'm constantly telling people how easy it is to make your own mini-comics with nothing but paper, pen, and a stapler.

This is an edition of one that I made during a lunch hour. Never Trust Cats with Glitter or Glue is 16 pages and Kate has the only copy. It was done in with pen, first run, no mistakes allowed. Of if you make em' you just keep going. I did pencil the heart on the cover, but the damn eraser made it all smudgy.

Never Trust Cats with Glitter or Glue is the story of what happened when I forced our cats to make Kate's Valentines Day card this year. I didn't want to waste the bandwidth on the whole thing, but here's a couple of pages to show that anyone can do a mini-comic in a minimum amount of time.

Below I've told the cats that if they don't finish the project I will put Kate in charge of their feeding, watering, and litter scooping for a week. She's not real timely when it comes to that stuff and they're rightfully alarmed.

Uhm, they weren't allowed to use scissors, hence the chewed up edges to the card.

After all their hard work I wasn't able to use the card that they created. There was a lot of litter mixed in with the glitter...

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John Jakala said...

You big romantic sap, you.