Monday, February 27, 2006

Here are a few pictures of the mini-comic wall at Quimby’s in Chicago. Kate and I checked out some of the Harkham, Huizenga, Nilsen signing and snapped these pictures before the event started. Unless you have one of those panoramic type cameras, it takes two shots to get the width of mini-comics on the shelf.
These two pictures are just the top three shelves; more minis are on the lower shelves as you can see in this picture.
Before the event, I caught Sammy Harkham outside enjoying the brisk Chicago air. As we walked inside he noted how impressed he was with the mini-comic selection at Quimby’s. It's hard not to be impressed. They have one of the best selections of minis that I’ve seen personally,and tons of other great comics, zines, and books. I went back the next day and bought tons of stuff that I'll be reviewing over at my Past the Front Racks column.


aaron dumin said...

What a gloriously beautiful site! Now you've got me green with envy.

Shawn Hoke said...


You would be in comic nerd heaven at Quimby's. It's not as big as many stores, but it reeks of quality over quantity.

Ricko said...

Holy shit. A fella could go broke in a place like that!

Matt Butcher said...

Boy, I wish I could see that place...A whole wall of those??

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