Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Harkham, Huizenga and Nilsen Tour

This is like a mini-comics (okay, they’ve graduated from minis, but they still have that all important mini-comic street cred thing going) Super Group Tour of your dreams.

I noticed this from Flog! this morning and I got that jealous feeling that I always get when I see cool stuff happening on the East or West Coast. Then I noticed that the Mini-Comics Super Group Tour will stop at Quimby’s in Chicago on Saturday, February 25th. Not only that, but just yesterday I had reserved a hotel room for that very day, as Kate and I will be celebrating her birthday extravaganza weekend.

I must be living right this year.

Again, Sammy Harkham, Kevin Huizenga and Anders Nilsen, pretty damn exciting and I’ll get to actually check this out.


Christopher Butcher said...

The event at The Beguiling is actually going to be particularly cool, I think? We booked a huge club and it's going to be a sort of comics-community event? With drinking? Anyway, next time, try and celebrate your special lady's birthday over here in Toronto is all I'm saying ;)

- Chris, comics.212.net

Shawn Hoke said...

That does sound cool. We've never been to Toronto, actually. But it's on our short list of must visit cities. And when we do go, you'll know about it beforehand so I can have a personal tour of The Beguiling.