Sunday, April 02, 2006

Man Enough: A Queer Romance by Bill Roundy
Man Enough brings us out of the spare, poetic style of the last couple of minis reviewed, and brings us to a story-driven comic. While there’s much more in the way of story, the art is simpler. Man Enough is about half talking heads and torsos, but the story is engaging and fun enough to keep you hanging in with Roundy as he unveils the hook behind the title.

David meets Ethan at a party and the two hit it off immediately. David is psyched until a friend warns him that Ethan is not all that he seems to be. Oh boy. David and Ethan still go out, but it looks like things might not be working as well as they thought they hoped. Ethan is tired of explaining things. He just wants to move forward. Meanwhile, David is still kind of smitten. Just when you think that things are simmering down to the level of a casual friendship, a passing truck hits a puddle by the sidewalk, soaking David’s shirt and jacket. Hmm, things may get interesting after all.

Ethan coaxes David to his over-heated apartment, where David cries, “Wow. It’s jungle-hot in here.” After taking care of David’s wet clothes, Ethan delivers the line that instantly livens up any mini-comic: “I have a strap-on.”

Man Enough is a cute comic. It’s very human and the interaction feels true to life most of the time. Despite the simple art, there’s a real connection fostered by the easy conversations between David and Ethan. This page is a good example of how well the characters work together:
There’s also a color back up strip called “My Life in Gay Porn” by Roundy and illustrated by Tim Fish. It’s two pages and it's hilarious.

Man Enough will debut at APE. So make sure you look up Roundy and get your copy. In the meantime visit Roundy’s website.

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