Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Do You Like TV? by various artists
Here’s a TV themed mini-comic edited by Levon Jihanian of Igloo Tornado that includes pages by Scott Nobles, Souther Salazar, Dave Kiersh, Josh Frankel, Gin Stevens, Tom Neely, Rina Ayuyang, Toby Craig, and many others. Each artist gets a page (Levon and Tom Neely get two pages) to shout out to their favorite or not so favorite TV moments. A not so favorite moment. Although I’m a Pistons fan and I hate the hometown Pacers, so this one kind of made me giggle.

Inside, Scott Nobles does an awesome drawing of Mr. T. A-Team geeks need to find this mini-comic now. Actually between this drawing of Mr. T and Mark Todd’s Mr. T in Bad Ass, you could begin an all Mr. T anthology.

Souther Salazar’s page consists of people sitting at 3 round tables. A guy in what looks like a fair booth is cleaning out a glass, while another gentleman storms through the door. At that point, you’re a bit clueless until you notice the word in the very bottom right hand corner – “NORM!” Ah that’s it…

Remember “DYN-O-MITE!” from Good Times? Gin Stevens does.

Dave Kiersh likes those after school specials and made for TV movies. Chances are he remembers much more about them than you do.
Copies of Do You Like TV? cost $3. If you’re going to MoCCA this weekend, perhaps you can find a copy at the festival. You could also try emailing Levon through his website and begging to buy a copy. Begging sometimes works…

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