Thursday, June 08, 2006

Earth Minds are Weak #5 by Justin J. Fox
This in an interesting concept, and different format, for Fox’s fifth issue of Earth Minds mini-comic. To start with, issue 5 is a trio of mini-comics packaged in a brightly colored translucent vellum envelope.

“Good-Bye” is a stiff full color 8-page mini that most closely resembles the first four issues of Earth Minds are Weak. It’s a wordless reflection on loss presented in an unorthodox manner. Many of you have lost someone, but probably not like this.
With “I Love You!,” Fox takes a “guy loves girl, girl ignores guy until it’s too late” story and takes it to the extreme. Stick figures have never been so engrossing – or maybe just gross – in their quest to prove that love’s a bitch.

Poor Lincoln. In “Lincoln Isn’t the Awesome” he shows why he’ll never compare to his gregarious and popular stable mate Carl. Eight pages of woe and misery are more than enough to convince the reader that Lincoln will always play second fiddle to Carl. But just like it’s fun to read Carl and laugh at his overzealous chest thumping (sorry, Carl!), it’s fun to watch Lincoln mope about. Maybe he should trade that handlebar mustache for a little vest like Carl’s.

Earth Minds Are Weak #5 is available at Cliff Face Comics for $2. While I’m mentioning Cliff Face Comics, look for a review of the next volume of Carl is the Awesome! by Marcos Perez next week.

If you’re going to MoCCA this weekend, Fox and Marcos Perez will be there selling their minis.

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