Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Gosling by Stuart Kolakovic Stuart Kolakovic’s A Gosling is a gorgeous mini-comic, smartly dressed in a three-color wraparound cover. Inside the outside cover wrapper, the saddle-stitched mini has a more subdued cover that mirrors the colorful wrapper cover.

The mini is full color throughout with a three-tone centerfold tale nested within the larger story. Everything about this mini-comic reeks of slickness and quality. The pages are cut from thick paperstock and the color palette is reserved in a way that reminds you of an old children’s picturebook. The art uses iconic shapes as trees or stalks of corn. Stuart also uses an odd layering technique that gives many of his panels a sense of depth.
A Gosling features a young boy who finds, you guessed it, a gosling. His father finds out and chastises him, “Don’t be so stupid! You can’t keep a wild animal!” The boy’s grandfather is kinder, but delivers the same message. Stuart takes the grandfather’s words and nestles them in the center of the mini as a fable, showing the boy that a wild animal is better off in the wild. A Gosling is a bittersweet mini with top notch production values. Check out Stuart’s website, blog, or Etsy shopfor more information on his work.

A tiny saddle-stitched full color mini-comic was hidden inside of my copy of A Gosling. Ja ljubar te is based on an old Serbian folk song of love discovered, love lost, and love reminded after the fact. The mini is wordless except for the occasional tumbling text – “Ja ljubar te.”

It must be Stuart's night. Head on over to Tiny Showcase to see the regular Tuesday night print by none other than Stuart Kolakovic.

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