Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SIZE MATTERS updates, pruning, etc.
Hey Folks, just wanted to point out some updates here at SIZE MATTERS. First of all, and probably most shocking, is that there have been actual reviews and new content more than once this month.

The lack of updates has certainly not been due to a lack of material, just a lack of time and energy. In the last couple of weeks, I have finally carved out some dedicated time each week to devote to reading and reviewing mini-comics. I also picked up up a new Macbook Pro that makes hopping on the laptop a lot more fun.

As I started spending some more time on here this week, I realized that the blogroll over there on the right was woefully outdated. After checking every link, I got rid of the broken links, added dozens of new ones, and updated the ones that needed updating. If you notice something that I’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Specifically, I added several new shops to the Where to Buy Mini-Comics section. I’m always looking for more places, so let me know if I’ve missed something. What used to be Comics Blogs is now Blogs and Stuff I Enjoy. I also added dozens of new comic creator links under Mini-Comic Creators and pruned a few links that had died – all the Fort Thunder links, for example.

Most importantly, I added labels to all the posts. You can find this feature right after Blogs and Stuff I Enjoy. I chose to go by artist name in almost all cases, rather than title, and I added shows, online stores, and other labels where appropriate. I think this feature makes the blog much more reader friendly and I hope you enjoy.

That’s about it, except for the robin’s egg blue background, changing the font to Trebuchet, and updating the template to the new Blogger style. Doesn't sound like much, but it's a lot of work!


Richard said...

Hi Shawn,

Reading Frenzy is another great place to buy minis!

Shawn Hoke said...

Thanks, Richard. I've added Reading Frenzy to the roll.