Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Extricate #8 by David Birchall Extricate is a 64-page mini-comic with a visual seizure inducing two color cover. Inside, David has three stories – “The Song of the Birds,” “The Greeks are Coming,” and “The Return of Harry the Cat.”

“The Song of the Birds” is a loosely structured tale haunted by an iconic bird figure. David uses thick brushstrokes and meandering words, stylized similar to Sixties psychedelic rock posters to create a chaotic setting for his bird figure. He uses startling pages of single images – a knife cutting up a heart, cubed pieces of a heart in a skillet, close up shots of a mouth chewing. “The Greeks Are Coming” is a bit of a departure art wise. David switches to thinner lines and sketchy, swirling bits of background to give a much more airy texture to the story. The story though matches the darkness of the first piece. Surgery, blood, sharp utensils, and a patient with a mysterious abnormality, “His mother said that he had been consuming a lot of words lately,” populate these pages. A surgeon removes a strange Greek book from the patient's incision. “Harry the Cat” is a straightforward tale featuring page after page of a cat drinking and smoking at a bar, drawn from the waist up. Harry tells a gentleman's tale of drinking and meeting a strange Irishman.

Contact David Birchall at blackandwhitecatpress@org. You can check out his website for Extricate and others minis - there are sample pages of his latest project, Exhaust. You can still probably grab a copy for 4 pounds.


zach hazard vaupen (c) 2008 all rights reserved said...

the cover looks more like it's either a woodcut or linoleum cut print.
this looks really good thoughh!

Shawn Hoke said...

Zach, I just went and checked. You're right; it's a linoleum cut print. Judging by your work, I think you would enjoy David's stuff.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is terrific!

Here is the url of a blog entry
about some old comics in Erie County, Ohio:


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