Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bazaar Bizarre

This weekend is the Bazaar Bizarre in Los Angeles. If you live near LA and have an interest in mini-comics, I recommend that you check it out. They’ll have some weird crafty stuff, prints, and T-shirts, but you can also find mini-comic artists at The Bazaar.

Here’s a quick run down of mini-comics related stuff it looks like they will have:

Alvin of Bueneventura Press will be there.

Fantagraphics cartoonist Steven Weissman will be there.

Jordan Crane will be there.

Also Catia Chien will probably have great prints and art books.

BoyGirlParty will be there with neat stuff. Not comic stuff, but cool note card sets and prints probably.

Same thing with Bughouse. Not really comics, but cool things.

Skylight Books will probably have some comics related stuff.

The Poketo! folks will have wallets by artists like Susie Ghahremani.

Gah, Saelee Oh will be there too with stuff from Lemonade Maid. Her “Singing Birds” t-shirt is up top in this post. Maybe Souther Salazar will be there with Saelee.

Seriously, if you love in the area, go check this out. At least check out the web page and I guarantee you that you’ll discover some fun and talented artists. They have links to each artist’s website.

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