Monday, April 03, 2006

APE this weekend

The Alternative Press Expo is this weekend (April 8-9th) in San Francisco.

Definitely make sure you look up “Allied Ink” at tables 310-314. At these tables you’ll find:
John Porcellino and Misun Oh of King-Cat Comics
Dan Zettwoch from USS Catastrophe
Alvin Buenaventura of Buenaventura Press with Sammy Harkham, Vanessa Davis, and Ron Rege
Souther Salazar and Saelee Oh from Crashlander Books and Lemonaid Maid
Anders Nilsen from Airplane Books
Zak Sally from La Mano
Jason Miles from Drink Me
Like I said tables 310-314. Don’t miss them.

The Global Hobo table will have the following debut mini-comics:
American Born Chinese #3.3 by Gene Yang
Couch Tag #3 by Jesse Reklaw
Donuts for Lunch by Minty Lewis
An Inside Job #3 by Hob
PS Comics #2 by Minty Lewis
Survival of the Fittest Catalog by various

The Global Hobo gang will have tons of other minis at their table as well. Hobo creators Eli Bishop, Fredo, Andy Hartzell, Levon Jihanian, Minty Lewis, Tom Neely, Jesse Reklaw, Gin Stevens, and Gene Yang will be their with big goofy smiles on their faces. Go buy some comics from them.

The TCJ board also has an APE thread that might be worth keeping an eye on this week…

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