Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary Ferret Press/PANEL

Got an email from Dara over at the Ferret Press/PANEL blog. Seems they are celebrating 3 years of comics bloggery this week and plan to put up a ton of content this week. While I was over there I stumbled upon a link to The Wurst Gallery that just made my morning. You’ve got to scroll down past the lovely Liefeld cover to get there. Yes, it’s an oddly swollen Strikeforce, but keep scrolling down to the March 31 entry on the Wurst.

The Gocco kit was discontinued? Sniffle. I always wanted to pick one of those up. Almost grabbed one at Paper Source the last time I was there, but I was too cheap. Anyway, there’s an online exhibit called We Love Gocco. Some of the prints are still available.

Vintage Vandals looks awesome as well. The artists take old paintings and add a new twist. If you scroll over the original paintings it reveals the added artwork.

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Dara said...

Thanks for the mention, Shawn. And I'm glad you found a few interesting things on the blog. That's what we shoot for, a variety of topics and posts so that there's always something for everyone.