Monday, March 05, 2007

A Bad Time for a Polar Bear by Sarah Morean Sarah Morean sent in a few minis to the SIZE MATTERS offices. One of them, A Bad Time for a Polar Bear is undeniably cute and sad. Over 16 pages, Sarah’s polar bear stumbles upon times when it’s clearly bad to be a polar bear. For instance, you’re a polar bear and someone recognizes you are wearing a toupee - bad time for a polar bear. Or sitting on a couch at a party, martini in hand, and all the humans are clustered in a cozy, talkative group. You’re being ignored, and it’s another bad time for a polar bear.

On each page a single panel shows the reader a new situation for our polar bear friend. The art is simply drawn and dominated by the polar bear. Sarah keeps backgrounds to a minimum, relying on basic props for her gag. Every page delivers. This is a perfectly drawn and executed gag panel mini-comic. Yet it ends with a little punch in the gut. The last page of a polar bear trapped on a melting ice cap shows you where Sarah’s heart is in this comic.

A Bad Time for a Polar Bear is only a $1. Go to Sarah’s website store and buy a handful for all of your friends. Tune in tomorrow for another Sarah Morean mini-comic, Human.

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