Friday, March 30, 2007

Elfworld Almost Upon Us
Hey folks, got a message from François Vigneault and Family Style headquarters that Elfword ships next month. It will premier at the
Alternative Press Expo April 21st & 22nd and also as a part of the
"We're Rollin', They're Hatin" art show in Chicago, opening that same weekend.


The long-awaited indie-comics fantasy anthology is here! Compiled by
Jeffrey Brown, edited by François Vigneault, designed by Jonas Madden-

Begun years ago by the venerable Jeffrey Brown, Elfworld brings
together an amazing mix of alternative comics stars and up-and-coming
creators to tackle the fantasy comic. At turns hilarious, mysterious,
surprising, and action-packed, these 16 stories breathe new artistic
life into one of comics' most popular genres.

Elfworld Volume One features 128 pages of work from Jeffrey Brown
(Unlikely), Martin Cendreda (MOME), Liz Prince (Will You Still Love
Me if I Wet the Bed?), Kazimir Strzepek (Mourning Star), and many
more. Full-color, wrap-around painted cover by Jesse Reklaw
(Slowwave, 2006 Best American Comics).

Jeffrey Brown
Martin Cendera
K. Thor Jensen
Dave McKenna
Erik Nebel & Jesse Reklaw
Jason Overby
Liz Prince
Ansis Purins
Ron Regè, Jr. & Souther Salazar
Grant Reynolds
Dalton Sharp
Kazimir Strzepek
Jason Turner & Jody Turner
François Vigneault
Matt Wiegle & Sean Collins

Available now for pre-order.

For mature readers.
Trade paperback. 6" x 9", 128pp, b&w. $12.95
ISBN 978-0-9794178-0-1

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