Monday, March 12, 2007

Small Presser in Need of Help

I received word from Mr. Big himself, Matt Dembicki, that a long time veteran of self-published comics, Mike Roden is battling colon cancer. That sucks on so many levels. First of all, I hate that good people get nasty diseases like cancer. It’s one of the reasons that my day job is a program manager for a non-profit health services research institute. Not enough people care enough to improve our healthcare system; we could focus on prevention if we weren’t too busy whoring ourselves out to big pharmaceutical companies and special interest groups.

Anyway, stepping off my soapbox… Mr. Roden has been diagnosed with colon cancer – a pretty nasty cancer as cancers go. It’s one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the US. Early detection certainly helps the prognosis for survival, but we do a pretty crappy job overall in colorectal (CRC) screening. Unfortunately, Mr. Roden has already been diagnosed with colon cancer and treatment, unlike prevention, is very costly. He’s probably facing radiation treatment, surgery, or chemotherapy. None of these treatments are any fun. They each carry their own risks and side effects and costs. Mr. Rosen is going to need some help.

Check out the details in this flyer. The good folks in the small press community want to do something to help him out. There’s a benefit through March 31st and they are planning some raffles at S.P.A.C.E..

If you'd like to contribute something, either comics, prints, T-shirts, original art, etc., please let Matt Dimbicki know at

The SIZE MATTERS office will be contributing over 200 mini-comics to the raffle. A good portion of these minis are mini-comics sent in to the SIZE MATTERS offices over the last two years, so each of you that have sent minis for review will be contributing in a way.


Rick said...
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Rick said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Shawn!

There are also eBay auctions by various folks randomly running to benefit Mike (mine are found under the ID rickobradford) and I've got a section in the Poopsheet Shop devoted to the benefit as well (