Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Habitual Entertainment #3 Will Dinski is no stranger around the SIZE MATTERS offices. Back in December of 2005 we showed you issues one and two of Habitual Entertainment.

Issue 3 is almost a total break from the style and feel of those minis. It’s a larger format and he uses a stiffer paper stock for the covers. Inside, all of the pages are a reddish-pink color with black ink as the only other tone.
Will’s story covers almost 150 years in 24 pages. He begins with a farmer, his newborn child, and his wife who dies during childbirth. Without the wife, the farmer and the kid grow apart, clash, and attempt to come together again as the father ages.

I’ve forgotten the most important part, I guess. The father doesn’t use traditional tractors and combines. He uses these huge spherical robots that, standing next to each other, look like Power Girl’s breasts. That explains how you get this classic line from son to father: “That giant tit of yours tried to kill me!”
Check out Will’s website and blog for information on his comics. He’s published three issues of Habitual Entertainment and several other minis. Issue 3 of Habitual Entertainment is $3 and worth every penny.

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