Thursday, April 05, 2007

Channeling Tom Spurgeon Again

If I was in Brooklyn, I'd go to this. From the wonderfully talented Matthew Thurber:

"Hi, a great night of music, art, + animation by some crazy multitaskers is coming up, presented by PictureBox. April 18th at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn: Gary Panter/Devin Flynn musical performance. An Ambergris (Matthew Thurber, Hiroshi Kimura, Rebecca Bird, scroll, light show by Roi Bannow????) Amy Lockhart film screening

Come rock and roll with us! In a round room!

8 P.M.
400 Carroll Street
Between Bond and Nevins
Rrooklyn, NY 11231

Here is a more elaborate description:

Wednesday, April 18
A PictureBox night at Issue Project Room

PictureBox is a Grammy-Award winning publisher and visual culture studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Led by art director and editor Dan Nadel, PictureBox specializes in bringing artists' visions to print in startling and unexpected ways. Nadel art directs and oversees all PictureBox projects, from CDs to posters to books.

Amy Lockhart is a Vancouver-based filmmaker, animator and painter. She'll be screening some of her short films collected under the moniker Walk For Walk.

Matthew Thurber is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and musician who creates 19th century versions of multi-media performances with masks, scrolls, and a small guitar.

Gary Panter is the legendary artist behind Jimbo and the designer of Pee Wee's Playhouse. His paintings, comics, and graphics have influenced generations of artists. He will be performing vocal and guitar songs for the first time in over three decades. Appearing with Panter will be Devin Flynn.

Devin Flynn is part of the bands Plate Tectonics and Gangstahs Wit Gats and has a cartoon show on Adult Swim's website."

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