Monday, April 02, 2007

Banal Pig Comic #3 by Steven Tillotson
The third issue of Banal Pig Comic is 26 pages of cruelty and nastiness. A boy and his dog, pissed off after being eliminated from a local dog show, burn down the show tent. Afterwards, with wide smiles, they hold the charred and partially melted trophy - “HOORAY! We are the champions!”

An irate robot (in Irate Robot!) grows tired of standing in line with a bunch of mouthbreather humans. This robot has a circular saw blade for a hand and… well things don’t end so well for the annoying human standing behind him.
God enlists a physically broken angel to battle a terrible demon on earth. The angel defeats the demon and God grants him any wish as a reward. The angel gets his reward, but doesn’t watch where he is standing when he teleports to earth. Things get nasty.

That last sentence describes how every Banal Pig story ends. “Things get nasty.” Every story is brutally mean, but they're often just as funny. Every tale here makes you smirk and feel a bit bad about yourself for smiling. Steven's art is always solid as he switches back and forth from sharks, pigs, humans, robots, cats, and angels.

Check out Banal Pig for yourself at Steven’s website, MySpacePage, or blog.

Banal Pig #3 is 26 pages and 4 pounds (roughly $8, damn weak dollar).

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