Monday, April 23, 2007

I Walk With My Wife In the Evening by Christopher Davis
Over 18 pages and an early evening walk, Christopher Davis fantasizes about an ominous cloud in the sky. He and his wife take a routine walk, but his thoughts are of the fantastic – dirty bombs, nuclear war, gas masks, body bags, and death of a massive scale.
Christopher’s art is well suited for a grand scale. Almost every panel, regardless of the size, stretches to the ominous sky. Dark shading lurks then creeps from the panel borders. Christopher’s inking is very subtle, allowing the moodiness of the penciled art underneath to shine.
As foreboding as the story is, it begins and ends in lightness (and reality). The inside of both covers are very simple, no background or shaded sky. It really brings you back to present tense after the escape of the story.

Christopher also sent in a few other minis, including ”No Buses. Chickens. I have to share this image.
I featured a couple of Christopher’s minis back in March of last year. Good to see he’s still going strong. No prices on either of these, but give him a shout at for details.


Chris said...

Hey. Thanks for the review. Sorry I forgot to include ordering information. "I Walk With My Wife in the Evening" is $4.00 and "No Buses. Chickens." is $2.00. If anyone's interested, please email me at

Also, I'm a little surprised that Blogger linked my Squawkalong blog. I should have called it "Watch as Chris Learns to Draw Better," as I'm basically just trying to post some randomness on a regular basis. Anyone who's interested is more than welcome to check it out, but my audience has mostly been made up of my parents, my sister-in-law, and a friend in Pittsburgh.

Anyway, thanks again.


Shawn Hoke said...

That was me that linked to your blog. I always try to provide some kind of link for people to find out more info.

Nice job on both minis, I think people will enjoy!