Sunday, November 02, 2008

Calamity Coach by Aaron Costain Calamity Coach or alternatively titled Thirteen Reasons Not to Travel: A Non-Narrative Pictorial Sequence of Imaginary Events Designed to Discourage Even the Bravest Souls from Vehicular Travel is 16 pages of, as Aaron describes, “Uhm, Rupert Bear meets the Gashley-Crumb Tinies.” That’s a pretty accurate description. Aaron begins with a bus sinking in a river – “The chassis gave a final shiver. As it was swallowed by the river.” Each page shows a new disaster for the bus and its passengers - fire, satellites, sea monsters, trains, airplanes, a herd of caribou -nothing is too absurd or grand of a fate for the Calamity Coach. Across the bottom of each page, the cadence of a children’s book rhyme appears as a caption.

All the pages of Calamity Coach are full color. Aaron uses slick paper stock and computer generated color for every panel. Check out Aaron’s website for details. Calamity Coach is $7 for 16 full-color pages. At his site, you can check out previews of all of Aaron’s comics. To purchase his comics, contact him at Several fine retail establishments also stock Aaron’s comics, including Chicago Comics, Quimby’s Comics, The Beguiling, Legends Comics and Books, and Strange Adventures.

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