Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Liz Baillie’s Mini-Comic of the Month Club Another neat idea, this one courtesy of Liz Baillie - a mini-comic of the month club! From Liz’s website:

“Every month in 2009 I will release a new minicomic, not previously released, all-new material. These comics will be available exclusively to those lucky voyeurs who choose to subscribe and receive these comics in their mailbox once a month. They will not be available for individual sale, you have to be a member of the Club to get them. The Club comics will NOT include any comics that are part of an existing series (no issues of MBH, no issues of Freewheel, no new series). Each comic will be its own thing.

The comics will most likely include bizarro random ideas I came up with but couldn't fit anywhere else. Some of them will be weird formal experiments that are unlike my other work. Some of them will probably make you shake your head and go "Buh?" And some of them might be awesome! Maybe I'll do a 24 hour comic! Maybe I'll experiment with some weird packaging!

BONUS: All members of the Minicomic of the Month Club get a MEMBERSHIP CARD! WTF, right? How cool is that? You know you want to be in the club!”

It looks like you can do six months for $20 or a full year for $40, with shipping included in the price.

More information is available from Liz here and here.

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