Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Life in Records by Grant Thomas

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Grant’s My Life in Records. Using a full color palette, he takes snapshots and memories from his childhood and brings them to life for the reader. Grant and his two brothers are usually dressed in footie pajamas and wearing those cheap animal masks made from the highly combustible molded plastic and secured with a rubber band around the head. Both the pajamas and masks give the brothers an air of innocence. Grant and Paul are obsessed with Star Wars, Sesame Street, and playing records on their Fisher Price turntable. I had the same plastic turntable and mine was used to play the same Sesame Street record featuring Bert and Ernie, but more frequently the awesome Snoopy and the Red Baron Christmas album (even in July).

Grant does a fantastic job with layouts in this issue of My Life in Records. He’ll use traditional comics panels, but then dispense with them totally by switching to floating images and words. Music is a frequent theme in Grant’s comics and this one is no exception, the panel below shows a nice use of music and a more flexible use of the page. My Life in Records is $4 And you can grab a copy from Grant’s website.

As a side note, Grant’s work will be in an upcoming Fantagraphics anthology, Abstract Comics: The Anthology edited by Andrei Molotui.

Hey, this is it for 2008 probably. I might squeeze another review in tomorrow if things are slow. But good riddance to a troublesome year! Bring on 2009. Have fun tomorrow night, whatever you do. Kate and I will be safely ensconced in our low key local pub. No driving for us. Peace!

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