Thursday, June 04, 2009

On the Beach and Prologue by Kenan Rubenstein Both On the Beach and Prologue are made of one single sheet of paper folded in half four times. You read the panels exactly as they unfold and it's never unclear where your eyes should go next. Both minis are a departure from the normal fold, cut, and staple jobs.

What works very well in On the Beach is that each time you unfold the comic, the storytelling space gets larger. Usually the panels themselves double in size until the last fold takes you from two adjacent quarter sized panels to a mondo full page final image. I've seen this used before, but not as well as Kenan does here. On the Beach chronicles an experience through the ages on a local nude beach.
While Prologue is less successful at taking advantage of the unfolding format (the panels don't escape from the eighth of a page size until the very end), it's understandable because Kenan has more of a story to tell. He needs more panels to convince the reader just how dire things are romantically for the main character. The art is much more dense in Prologue than On the Beach, as the setting is a dark party and city streets at night. No matter the setting, he really manages to pack a lot of visual and narrative detail into this story. In both minis, the quality of the art is superb. The level of detail and the grace of the line is very convincing for the reader.
You can find out more about Kenan's work at his website. No prices that I can find, but I'm sure a quick email to will sort things out.

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