Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Don't be alarmed, but there's a monster on top of your bugglegum machine.

As if you needed another reason to go to SPX this September... Over at the Little House news section they've posted pictures of their mini-comic display for SPX. It's the gumball machine from last year's show - with a twsit. I'll let Eleanor explain:

Hey Folks! If any of you were at SPX or Fluke last year you might have seen the gumball machine filled with minicomics that our gang had going on. Well, this year we'll have newer, better, and more comics by more folks! Contributers to the machine should include me, Drew, David, Joey, and Chris, and maybe Nate, Adam, Michele and Hunter. Here's the new revamped machine, complete with it's own little guardian monster displaying th' wares for all to see.

Tiny comics for fifty cents. Irresistable.

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