Friday, August 05, 2005

John Porcellino at Newsarama?

File this under… I can’t believe I’m linking to Newsarama from here. But I am and with good reason.

John Porcellino interviewed at Newsarama. They even have one of my favorite King Cat pages up.

The John Porcellino interview with Zak Sally in TCJ #241 was one of my favorite interviews in the Journal. I actually had a lot of trouble finding that issue locally and I wasn’t able to get to Chicago Comics that month for some reason. So, I checked it out of an unnamed library and never returned it.

Found at Fanboy Rampage, thanks Graeme.


Ricko said...

Is Daniel Robert Epstein the same guy who does all the interviews for the Suicide Girls site?

Ricko said...

Wait a second, I'm a little confused here. Is this book being re-released? Bits of the interview read like it was done before Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man was published.