Friday, August 26, 2005

A short introduction to Partyka, if you need it Okay, I’ve got this bulging envelope full of Partyka comics that I’ve just cracked open, and starting today I’ll share the contents with you, dear reader. If you’ve never heard of Partyka, please stop reading my rambling and go check out their website, especially the online catalog. Come back when you’re finished though; I’m not quite done.

Partyka is a small group of like-minded artists and cartoonists that make crazy and inventive comics. Every comic that I’ve read from this group has challenged me and my idea of what a comic could and should be. They’ve also got a few talented friends that join in on projects from time to time. One of the really cool features of their website is the feature “Daily Drawings” from the four members, Shawn Cheng, Sara Edward-Corbett, Sean McCarthy, and Matt Wiegle.

Here is the Partyka “mission statement” from their website:
“Why Partyka?

1. To present to the public a new drawing, every day, from one of its four members.
2. To make available for sale a number of comics and zines by its members, friends and allies.
3. To promote the work of artists of whom we are fans, friends or allies.”

They are very humble. They do imaginative, often daring, work that stands out in any arena. Spend a little time shuffling through the sample pages in their online catalog and you’ll get an idea of the range of artistic styles and sensibilities of each artist. Over the next several days, I’ll explore works from each Partyka member, as well as Sean McCarthy’s See How Pretty See How Smart, which features works by a number of artists.

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