Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Damn You Pat Lewis

I’ve been busy this week with work, my regular column and daily updates to this blog. I’d pretty much given myself the night off from anything productive, besides straightening up the SIZE MATTERS review pile. I was comfortingly goofing off and drinking my second Sierra Nevada when I ran across the Pat’s mini-comics. I picked up Prowl and Hideous: A Monster Romance and it was all over.

After picking myself off of the floor after reading Hideous, I figured I owed Pat a quick review of his mini-comics.

Pat Lewis is a funny bastard and his mini-comics will make you laugh. End of story. Prowl is a wordless sixteen-page mini-comic about alien abduction, but…man is there a twist. These are some sorry aliens when they discover that the teenage girl they abduct has a dark secret.

Prowl is a wordless comic, but it’s action packed. For the ridiculous price of one dollar, you’ll have crazy fun. Visit Pat’s online catalog for details.

Next up is Hideous: A Monster Romance that looks suspiciously like the cover of Jeffrey Brown’s Clumsy. In fact, on the back cover it reads “Apologies to Jeffrey Brown.” Hideous illustrates the trajectory of a relationship between a monster and the girl that he meets on the internet. There’s a disconnect at first as the monster, Ga’agn’oth, waits in the café for the girl that never shows. In a weird coincidence that’s never explained, she’s spent the night banging Ga’agn’oth’s roommate.
Somehow they overcome this rocky start and a girl (Megan) and a monster find something that resembles love. But it’s not easy. Ga’agn’oth (Megan calls him Scott, because she can’t properly pronounce his name) has two 18 inch tongues.

Any further writing and I feel like I’ll ruin this comic. Just send Pat Lewis three dollars for both of these comics and tell me “Thank you” later. I still have a copy of Abominable to review, so stay tuned.

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