Friday, September 23, 2005

Live from Gaithersburg: A Short SPX Update

I took a bunch of photos today, but this one was the only one that didn't need cropped or anything. It's a picture of the Paping and Partyka table (that's John Mejias and Sara Edward-Corbett) and it captures what I love about SPX - a table groaning under the weight of stacks of mini-comics.

Today was a bit overwhelming, and I kept forgetting that I could go slowly and come back tomorrow. I met several people for the first time after talking to them through email. It was really neat to meet Jaime Tanner, Joey Weiser, Drew and Eleanor from Little House, Alvin Bueneventura, Jordan Crane, Shawn Cheng, Matt Deimbecki, and Austin English for the first time. Damn, I know I'm forgetting other people I met. It was also great to reconnect with people I already knew.

I had one HUGE problem. My bag filled up way too quickly and I only bought one book, Non #5. Everything else was a mini-comic, print or shirt. I rewarded myself with a Sammy Harkham print of the character Iris on her roof from his latest story in the Drawn & Quarterly Showcase. Alvin of Bueneventura Press was kind enough to hold it for me and did his best to try and find something suitable to carry it in.

Tomorrow, I'm going back bright and early with Kate in tow. I thought it would be neat to let her go around and pick up some mini-comics and review them with an outsider's perspective for the site.

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