Saturday, September 17, 2005

Six Days to SPX
Less than a week to Bethesda. Who's going? I know David Welsh, Kevin Melrose, Johanna Draper Carlson, and Eliot Johnson are all going. Ed Cunard says probably, maybe. I haven't talked to fellow CWN columnist Rich Watson, but I imagine he'll be there.

There are a few talented creators going as well.

Anyone else?
Image from the SPX website photo gallery.


Anonymous said...

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Check it out if you get time :-)

Anonymous said...
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Shawn Hoke said...

Dude, that is awesome! I love Thomas Kincade. Thank god you have a website dedicated to such an important contemporary artist. Thanks for the link. I'll add it to my sidebar immediately and spread the word to all my friends.

Ricko said...

Will Thomas Kinkade be at SPX? Damn, I knew I should have bought those plane tickets.

Shawn Hoke said...


I'll get a few extra copies of Kincade's new mini-comic for you to sell in the Poopsheet Shop. Unless it's sold out...

pitzerboy said...

Hey! That is J Chris Campbell's tummy!