Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Three Days to SPX

Here are a few tables that are sure to have a bunch of mini-comics available.

USS Catastrophe will have a good portion of their website stock, I expect. And you'll get to chat with Dan, Kevin and Ted.

The Global Hobo table should be jam packed as well according to a post over at TCJ:

Global Hobo will be there! Right next to pals at Sparkplug comic books.
Hobo artists in attendance:
John Isaacson, Jesse Reklaw, Geoff Vasile, and David Youngblood.
Debut books at the Hobo Table:
Apartment Varmint by Geoff Vasile et. al.
Catch Me If You Can by Briana
DIY Silkscreening #2 by John Isaacson
Foxkit #1 by Eleanor Davis, Lance Simmons, David Youngblood, and Chris Wright
I Like Eating #2 by Thien Pham
Slow Wave Mini #2 by Jesse Reklaw
Souvenir by Rina Ayuyang
Thingpart by Joe Sayers
Tuesday by Tom Neely

Plus Global Hobo will have about 40 other recent minis,
T-shirts, and an art show with work by Andrice
Arp, Fredo, Lark Pien, Jesse Reklaw, and Zack
Two minis nominated for 2005 Ignatzes will be at the table--
Cough Tag #2 by Jesse Reklaw
Monday by Andy Hartzell

Also Wide Awake Press will have several new minis:
You'll get a nice helping of newness when you stop by the WAP table.
Duane Ballenger's
Haunted Samidge
A thief hides out in a haunted House.
J Chris Campbell's
Save Me
An Evil Pirate toys with a person stranded on a rock.
Why doesn't lewis like dogs? And what does hit sit funny.
So (the more economical machine printed version)
Bleep the Peeper The 2005 Indie Island Jam comic with 13 different artists.
Done on the floor of the Heroes Convention in Charlotte.
Some will even have a special screen printed cover by www.team8design.com.

Partyka will also have a table loaded down with goodies if past SPX shows are any indication.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! That's our gumball machine! It's new and improved this year...with a special gumball-mini monster on top, and all ages friendly material (since we noticed how children would flock to it...)

Also, great list Shawn. Foxkit's gonna be amazing!

Joey Weiser.