Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mint On Your Pillow by Rebecca Strom
Rebecca Strom’s Mint On Your Pillow is a charming lo-fi mini-comic. Each issue is sixteen pages of impromptu sketches and brief snapshots of her life. Whether she’s standing in the middle of St. Mark’s Comics amazed at the selection or celebrating the beginning of summer, her sketches and drawings are intimate and inviting. There’s no standard panel structure, no pattern to the pages, but there’s a genuine and easy rhythm. Strom bounces from shopping at IKEA, to beers and fries, and then up pops the little girl who plays drums for the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. It’s refreshing to have no idea where the next page will take you.

Instead of an attempt to enlighten and entertain the reader, these comics seem to be a way for Strom to record the details of her life that matter to her at that certain time. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Think of Mint On Your Pillow as a journal comic, an attempt to capture fleeting moments of a life being lived.

Strom’s art is very straightforward. It’s sketchy and loose rather than detailed and planned out. This makes each page an impromptu riff in a slightly longer composition. Mint On Your Pillow is an excellent example of doing more with less. Issues one, two and four are standard mini-comic size with covers made of colored printer paper. For some reason, she went all out with issue three and made it a digest sized mini with a stiff orange cover.

There are no prices on these issues, but you could give Rebecca a shout at rvstrom@gmail.com or artgrrl28@hotmail.com and see if she has any for sale.

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