Friday, September 09, 2005

Mini-Comic Artists Getting Involved with Hurrican Katrina Relief Efforts

From Warren Craghead:

For a 25$ donation I will draw ANYTHING you want - name it, I'll draw it, or if you like I'll pick something. I'm a pretty good drawer. The drawing may include collage. Contact me via email. I'll do this project for one month, until October 2, and I'll post here what I send out.

Details are here.

Also from Rob Ullman:

Through the end of September, all profits earned via sales of original art though the website will be donated to the Red Cross for the express purpose of aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Details here.

And since, I’m already bumming you out… If you are in a position to donate money to the relief effort, I’ve added a donation link to the right for The Humane Society’s Katrina Disaster Relief Effort. I know the human suffering is overwhelming, but it kills me to think about all of the pets left behind in this disaster. I don’t know about you, but I would be one of those crazy people on the news refusing to leave without my cats. The Humane Society has assembled teams to save animals in the hardest hit areas.

Here is some information from the latest HSUS disaster relief update:
Dear Shawn,
After initially being blocked from entering the most devastated areas in Louisiana and Mississippi, HSUS Disaster Animal Response Teams (DART) have been working around the clock to help save stranded and sick animals.

What we are finding is truly heartbreaking – animals trapped in flooded houses, caregivers wandering the streets desperately searching for their beloved pets, and nearly destroyed animal shelters where the surviving animals have spent days keeping their heads above water in their cages.

But this is why we are here and why we are counting on our supporters to help spread the word about our disaster efforts on the Gulf Coast.

Block after block, our teams are entering homes and apartments, sometimes forced to break into them, searching for stranded animals.

Again, if you can donate, please do so. Here’s the Humane Society’s webpage if you’re interested in learning more.

And email Warren Craghead and make him draw you something crazy for a $25 donation.


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